Airaid Air Intakes

Recognized as a leader in air intakes and air management, Airaid builds cold air kits and cotton gauze filters that build power and torque. By designing air intakes for a specific vehicle, they can maximize the performance gains. Many Airaid intake systems make 10-15 horsepower and more. A significant amount of testing goes into each air intake kit. Each vehicle is strapped to a dyno to get base numbers with the OEM air box. Then the testing begins until Airaid has the exact intake kit developed to get the most performance out of the vehicle.

Airaid is one of the few companies that make cotton gauze filters. As they grew, Airaid decided to make their own, to have a good supply and to improve performance further if possible. Airaid filters are built up in layers to provide you the most protection of any cotton gauze filter on the market today. Airaid filters also flow air tremendously well!. Like most other filters of this type, you can wash it in soapy water which means you'll never have to replace it with normal use.